Big Data: Privacy (CS340)

Hey bloggers!

They say that what you do on the internet never really goes away, and I do have to say, I believe that more now. Big data is a term that is getting thrown around more and more, and it’s important to be aware of what it is and what it means for you and me. Basically, big data is the information that gets collected from everyday users (us) and stored by the big corporations of the world. Now that many people have some way of accessing the internet, one can imagine just how much data gets passes along every day, minute, and second.

I think it's always important to be aware that the choices you make have consequences as if someone were always watching you, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay for actual entities to have that kind of power. What makes this even scarier is that sometimes we don’t know that our data is being collected. Oftentimes we sacrifice convenience for privacy, and so why can’t we have both?

I don’t see this issue getting resolved unless people are more aware of it. Yes, I too understand the sentiment that people who don’t have anything to hide should be okay with being monitored, but this is not exactly true. We all like to have our private lives and we all deserve to have the freedom to be ourselves without the pressure of someone watching. What is at stake here is the freedom to share what we want with whomever we choose. Let’s not give in so easily.

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